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From engine problems, starter problems, changing transmission fluids, bleeding brakes, brake noise, common air conditioner problems, leaking engine fluids, these are but a handful of services and auto issues we provide. Hidden Valley Automotive Scotts Valley gets a of questions — every day — such as how often do you change the oil, diagnosing engine problems, how to maintain a car, car starting problems, to name but a few. Not only do we provide answers to your questions, but we also provide solutions to your vehicle's needs, with quality service and workmanship.

Detailed List of Services (parts/auto systems) and Work

Provided by Hidden Valley Automotive Scotts Valley

  • ABS
  • Air conditioning
  • Alternators
  • Automatic transmission filter service
  • Automatic transmission flush
  • Axle bearings
  • Axles
  • Ball joints
  • Battery service/replacement
  • Belts and hoses
  • Brakes
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Comprehensive vehicle inspection
  • Control arms
  • Cooling system flush
  • Differential fluid service
  • Differential rebuilding and replacement
  • Disc brakes
  • Drivability diagnostics
  • Driveshafts
  • Drum brakes
  • Electrical repair
  • Engine rebuilding and replacement
  • Engine repair
  • Fuel delivery system repair
  • Fuel injection
  • Fuel supply system repair
  • Full brake system service
  • Heater service/repair
  • Idler arms
  • Inspections
  • Major mechanical repair
  • Manual transmission fluid service
  • Master cylinder
  • Muffler/Exhaust
  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Power steering flush
  • Radiators
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Secondary restraint system
  • Shocks/Suspension
  • Starters
  • Steering gears
  • Steering racks
  • Struts
  • Tie rod ends
  • Transfer case rebuilding and replacement
  • Transmission rebuilding and replacement
  • Tune-ups
  • U-joints
  • Wheel bearings
  • Wheel hubs

You Don't Have To Go To The Dealer For Manufacturer Recommended Services

7.5 K, 15k, 30K, 60K, 90K, 120K

You don’t need to wait for your warranty to expire to take your vehicle to an independent shop. Hidden Valley Automotive Scotts Valley will perform to spec all manufacturer recommended services, which are required of your vehicle. Though some dealerships may state or imply that you must take you vehicle to them for warranty services, which is against the law, you can have any qualified independent auto facility perform manufacturer recommended services such as Hidden Valley. Bonus: Not only will you pay far less at Hidden Valley Automotive than you would at the dealer for these same required services, but you will receive a more personal, one-on-one experience.

Quality Auto Parts Make for Quality Repairs And Auto Services

Whether it's regular auto maintenance or repairs, when it come to part replacements, you want the highest quality parts installed in your vehicle. Some auto repair shops use cheap auto parts, in order to keep the final invoice low. But that's hardly a favor to their clients if a low-quality part fails and they have to come back to the shop for further work. At Hidden Valley Automotive Scotts Valley, they only use OEM (original equipped manufacture) parts. Why? OEM parts have been tested extensively, so Dick, Jeff, and Dan know they’ll perform as expected. As their their labor rate is quite fair, it's the same with their quality replacement parts: You'll pay far less for both parts and labor at Hidden Valley Auto than at any dealership and most other independent repair and service centers.

Free Service!
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Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, Felton

Just as most of their clientele reside in Scotts Valley, so do Hidden Valley's staff. And the last thing they want to see, or hear of, is a client with car problems after they've performed work on that vehicle. Hidden Valley's technicians take pride in "getting it right the first time." Whether it's complete car maintenance, or minor to major repairs, your vehicle will receive the same proper attention from the technicians as if it were their mother's car.


Bad Brakes, Vehicle Sputtering, car Problems

Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, Felton

"I'm a recent customer of Hidden Valley. My Toyota pickup truck had a sputtering problem, wasn't sure if it needed a tune-up, or what. Dick showed me the worn parts and took care of the problem pretty quickly. Very efficient shop. Brought another vehicle in because I thought it had brake problems, squeaking brakes. Turns out that was not the issue. Nice to know there's a shop out there that doesn't try and sell you things you don't need. Dick's a nice guy and very pleasant. I've recommended the shop to a friend who also had a quality auto experience; I know he's also recommended Hidden Valley as well. I've gotten some some good car mechanic tips from them."

— B. L., Santa Cruz